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Clinton M. Wood

Clinton M. Wood

Associate Professor


(CVEG)-Civil Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6084

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  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (Graduate)

  • Ph.D, Civil Engineering, University of Texas, August 2013
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas, May 2009
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas, May 2007
  • Rahimi, S., Moody, T., Wood, C., Kouchaki, B., Barry, M., Tran, K, King, C. 2019. Mapping subsurface conditions and detecting
    seepage channels for an embankment dam using geophysical methods: a case study of the kinion lake dam, Journal of
    Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
    24, 373-386.
  • Mayoral, J., Asimaki, D., Tepalcapa, S., Wood, C., Sancha, A., Hutchinson, T., Franke, K., Montalva, G. 2019. Site effects in
    Mexico City basin: past and present, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 121, 369-382.
  • Franke, K., Candia, G., Mayoral, J., Wood, C., Montgomery, J., Hutchinson, T., Morales-Velez, A. 2019. Observed building
    damage patterns and foundation performance in Mexico City following the 2017 M7.1 Puebla-Mexico City earthquake,
    Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 125, 105708.
  • Deschenes, M., Wood, C., Wotherspoon, L., Bradley, B., Thomson, E. 2018. Development of Deep Site Specific Shear
    Wave Velocity Profiles in the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand, Earthquake Spectra 34(3), 1065-1089.
  • Ghirmay, A., Wood, C. 2018. Determination of Asbestos Cement Pipe Deterioration Rate using Accelerated Acid
    Degradation, Journal of the American Water Works Association 110(6), E27-E38.
  • Mofarraj Kouchaki, B., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Wood, C., Moody, T. 2018. A laboratory investigation of factors influencing
    the electrical resistivity of different soil types, Geotechnical Testing Journal 42(4).4
  • Rahimi, S., Wood, C. Folaseye, C., Moody, T., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Mofarraj Kouchaki, B. 2018. The Combined Use of
    MASW and Resistivity Surveys for Levee Assessment: A Case Study of the Melvin Price Reach of the Wood River Levee,
    Engineering Geology 241, 11-24.
  • Wood, C., Baker, E. 2018. Potential Cost-Savings of Implementing Site-Specific Ground Motion Response Analysis Results
    in Design of Mississippi Embayment Bridges, Earthquake Spectra 34(3), 1155-1175.
  • Grelle G., Wood C., Bonito L., Sappa G., Revellino P., Rahimi S., Guadagno F. 2018. A reliable computerized litho-
    morphometric model for development of 3D maps of Topographic Aggravation Factor (TAF): the cases of East Mountain
    (Utah, USA) and Port au Prince (Haiti), Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 16(5), 1725-1750.