Congratulations to Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to the Following students on their research achievements!

Tori Alexander

Mentor: Dr. Julian Fairey
Disinfection Byproduct Precursor removal with carbon nanotube spheres

Morgan Hartsell

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Hernandez & Dr. Sarah Nurre
Applying Data Analytics to Characterize Truck Parking Shortage in Arkansas

Anna Claire Hunter

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Hernandez
Countermeasures for Pedestrian-Involved Accidents on Interstate-Highways

Juan Martinez

Mentor: Dr. Richard Coffman
Determination of Moisture Content with Non-Nuclear Equipment

Esteban Miranda

Mentor: Dr. Richard Coffman
Evaluation of a Centrifuge Consolidation Technique to Determine the Effects of Temperature and Time for Consolidation

April Smith

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Hall
Developing a Structural Design Method for Pervious Concrete Pavement

Greg Thomas

Mentor: Dr. Richard Coffman
Development of Soil Water Characteristic Curves using Advanced Centrifuge Techniques

Natalie Von Tress

Mentor: Dr. Wen Zhang
In Situ and Simultaneous Treatment of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins