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The support of our alumni and friends is vital to the support of the current and next generations of students. Thank you!

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When you donate to the civil engineering department you will be supporting all projects and students, undergraduate and graduate.

If you prefer to support CEREC you will help the future of civil engineers of Fayetteville, AR and around the world as this facility will bring a one-of-a-kind expierence to everyone! The image below shows some of our biggest fans breaking ground! 


Please note that if you give toward the end of the year, your donation can be counted as a deduction on your taxes for this year.

Academy of Civil Engineering

The Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering is an accomplished group of civil engineering alumni who have shown exceptional merit and together have given over $100,000 in student body scholarships this past year. They also contribute to the recruitment of new tenure-track faculty. This aides the Department of Civil Engineering in ensuring only the highest quality of faculty brought in and in turn, ensures only the highest quality of students sent through commencement and out into the working field.

You may also help contribute towards the AACE Sholarships fund!