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Michelle Lee Barry

Michelle Lee Barry

Associate Professor


(CVEG)-Civil Engineering

Phone: 479-575-6027

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  • Multi-scale granular material behavior
  • Experimentally validated discrete element method (DEM) models
  • Laboratory testing of granular material
  • Granular soil behavior in multi-directional simple shear
  • Applications of engineering in Historic Preservation Practice
  • Soil Mechanics (Undergraduate)
  • Numerical Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering (Graduate)
  • Soil Dynamics (Graduate)
  • Ph.D Texas A&M University (2013)
  • M.S. Texas A&M University (2009)
  • B.S. Texas A&M University (2008)
  • Karim, Md, Tucker-Kulesza, S., Bernhardt-Barry, M. 2019. Electrical resistivity as a binary classifier for bridge scour evaluation, Transportation Geotechnics 19, 146-157.
  • Salazar, S., Miramontes, L., Barnes, A., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Coffman, R. 2019. Verification of an internal close-range photogrammetry approach for volume determination during triaxial testing, Geotechnical Testing Journal 42(6), 1640-1662.
  • Rahimi, S., Moody, T., Wood, C., Kouchaki, B., Barry, M., Tran, K, King, C. 2019. Mapping subsurface conditions and detecting seepage channels for an embankment dam using geophysical methods: a case study of the kinion lake dam, Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 24, 373-386.
  • Geer, S., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Garboczi, E., Whiting, J., Donmez, A. 2018. A more efficient method for calibrating discrete
    element method parameters for simulations of metallic powder used in additive manufacturing, Granular Matter 20(77).
  • Mofarraj Kouchaki, B., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Wood, C., Moody, T. 2018. A laboratory investigation of factors influencing
    the electrical resistivity of different soil types, Geotechnical Testing Journal 42(4).
  • Rahimi, S., Wood, C. Folaseye, C., Moody, T., Bernhardt-Barry, M., Mofarraj Kouchaki, B. 2018. The Combined Use of
    MASW and Resistivity Surveys for Levee Assessment: A Case Study of the Melvin Price Reach of the Wood River Levee,
    Engineering Geology 241, 11-24.
  • Watters, M., Bernhardt, M. 2018. Curing parameters to improve the mechanical properties of stereolithographic printed
    specimens, Rapid Prototyping Journal 24(1), 46-51.