Future Students

Future Students

What is Civil Engineering?

The world around us is constantly developing and changing. Cities are expanding, new transportation systems are emerging and natural refuges are being restored. Civil engineers guide this development and supervise complex interactions between nature and technology. Civil engineers design and maintain the infrastructure that supports our civilization. In this field, you could create water treatment and distribution systems to ensure that people have a safe, plentiful drinking supply. You could design bridges, tunnels and other transportation networks, or work in coastal areas to control flooding and erosion.

In addition to promoting development, civil engineers also study our impact on the environment and develop methods for protecting our natural resources, such as constructing bike and walking paths for cities, finding new methods to produce and use renewable energy, and helping to manage the effects of pollution.

A degree in civil engineering opens a wide range of career choices for you. Civil engineers work in the public sector in all levels, from the municipal to the federal, and in the private sector for large and small businesses. U of A civil engineering graduates work for Exxon and Mobile, the Federal Highway Administration and the US Army Corps of Engineers. In many different capacities, civil engineers all over the world are helping our society develop in safe, productive and exciting ways.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The department of Civil Engineering partners with the Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineering and awards over $100,000 a year in student body undergraduate scholarships. There are also in house-departmental and named memorial scholarships awarded need and merit based students. Every year, anywhere from 50-75 students are selected to receive scholarships just from the department alone. For more information on how to be awarded a departmental or an Academy scholarship, contact the Department.

Financial aid is always an option for incoming and current students. Each semester, every student's financial aid is evaluated for aid eligibility based upon their enrollment on the term's census date. For the fall and spring terms, the census date is 11 in-service days from the term begin date. As always, for the Financial Aid Office is ready to help or assist you anyway they can.

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